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Random weather thread


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Ross County, Ohio
9/11 - 'Never Forget'

Gee-wize, what a soupy day! Perhaps Mother Nature's way of remembrance, and quite appropriate.

Anyhow, I just got back from the carryout and took a few pix along the way, but first, last evening's 🌈 & 🦌

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View attachment 161092

Pulling out of the driveway this morning.

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View attachment 161090
All around the 🏡 on the way back.

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View attachment 161097View attachment 161098
Day weather turned out to be rather nice after all.

I'm a little amazed with this cellphone's camera. It's the latest Android Note I got about a month ago. Trying to get used to it still.

Anyways, here's this evening's sundown view from the workshop in Ross Co.
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It feels amazing. No idea why I don't have a fire going in the driveway right now. This reclined chair with my woobie ain't all bad either though.
This cold front, the leaves and the crops changing colors, the combines hitting the fields, the grain trucks along the roads, the shortening daylight hours… We are entering the glory days of fall and if it doesn’t get you fired up we simply can’t be friends. I am 100% infatuated with autumn and the anticipated memories to be made in the next 4 months. Yee yee!