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Random weather thread


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Ross County, Ohio
Wind advisory for us until 8:00 p.m. this evening. Hopefully things begin to dry out only and not uproot any of the trees today. I went ahead a created a short brief video as well this morning since I had some time while enjoying my morning coffee. Hope some enjoy!

Video description:

Just a quick follow up regarding the local weather, which it appears that today Mother Nature will start to dry things out with the impending winds throughout the day and evening. The video also includes some of the wildlife in daylight during the last two days of heavy rain events.

The rest of the deer in area continue to visit regularly each day, mostly during the night hours this time of the year. That will change as soon as more cover is provided by all the new Spring growth within our woods. Once things begin to thicken up more around here, that is when more deer will begin visiting the feed locations more frequently during the daylight hours.

I hope you enjoy today's brief video update on both the local deer herd and the most recent wet weather front that pressed through the region over the last 48 hours.

Thank you for watching!

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Wild afternoon on my road. There's multiple houses with minor shingle damage, but the green house is the neighbor next door to the N and the barn is the neighbor next door to the S. I heard it hit the barn and immediately changed clothes to head over. He's always in the barn, so I was worried he and/or the horses were inside. Thankfully, only the barn was harmed. I had an hour to spare before a family function, so I helped him get the most of his hay moved and some of the tree cleaned up. Going to be tens of thousands of claims across that state. We still had power when we left, but no cell service or cable/internet. I'm nervous as hell about the camper. It's in a terrible spot on a windy know. 😬