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Random weather thread


Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
Birds are crazy vocal this morning...could it be that spring is coming? I also seen almost 70* for Thursday! This crazy lady has really got us with the weather lately...geez.


Dustin’s FORMER fishing coach
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Columbiana County
Sounds like we made it pretty good compared to a lot in our area. Had a tornado touch down about 13 miles away from the house. No injuries, so that’s good.
We had sirens going off but nothing was actually seen or no damage reported....
No limbs down which was a little shocking for all the wind we had come through....

Our son texted us during the storm and asked if we were in the basement. I said no, he asked why not. I said we’ve both lived a long good life, no need to be scared of a tornado 😂😂😂
Apparently he didn’t see that humor 😂😂😂


Ragin Cajun.
The front just passed thru down here. 47 degrees this morning and the rain just stopped. Thinking about heading to the camp. Need to freshen up my mineral stations and pull my cam to see if I have something to look forward to besides yogi.