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Random weather thread


Ragin Cajun.
We made it out good. Looked stupid bad but passed quickly with nothing to bitch about. Thanks fellas. The light show was killer and was gonna video. The worry big got me and I just sat inside watching the radar on my phone hoping I wouldn’t have to call 911 lol. I am 911, get it? My phone was going crazy as I get text from my work. Them boys were jumping for 30 minutes getting soaked investigating alarms and lightning strikes, car wrecks and such. Good night to be off. In my earlier years I would’ve wished I was working.
Blew a serpentine belt 1st thing this morning. around 40 degrees cold east wind changing it after limping home. I said f it I'm tired of working in cold wind for the year. Ate lunch with my wife returned home at 53 degrees. i just now to open up the windows cause of it being 70 now. House temp at 4pm. Crazy.


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with this weather comming,itl be a bit fore they get back into fields. Wish more was plowed and not planted, with the rain it washes em pretty good a d the arrowheads are shinning .Love huntin artifacts. Havnt been out this spring yet but probly this weekend mute try and hit woods around the fields for shroom
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SW Ohio
Last week the day it reached 82 or so our weather man said it didn’t reach the record that day which was 90 way way back in 1930! I wanna know why are scientists and the far left radicals are so worried and calling for drastic measures when weather patterns have proven to be cyclical. I’m sure we as humans could do much more to help Mother Earth and clean up our air and water for future generations but WTH?!?!

Today is very warm and windy and I’m sure pop up storms are on the horizon here too Dave! Be careful everyone if the SHTF in your area👍🏻
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Columbiana County
Hail just blew through, wind was howling, raining sideways and a squirrel hanging on too a telephone pole for dear life....
We’re on the hook for storms until 7:30 and tornado watch until 9:00
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NW Ohio
Last week we had a day 38 degrees in morning. Went to so outside pictures at 6pm it was 79. 8pm coming home was 59. Welcome to spring in Ohio. Calling for snow tonight. I don't expect any services will need to be provided BUT this is why we still have 4 backhoes sitting in parking lots, 2 in bed salt spreaders hooked up yet, and have only removed about half our plows.
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