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Random weather thread

This heat needs to go. 4hrs sleep and back at it in this heat is for a young man.
I hear ya....my wife just came in from outside and said “do you get to go inside at all while you’re at work? I can’t imagine working in this all day.” I said some days I can get inside, most I’m working out. A younger friend of mine posted a pic on Facebook this morning (he’s a roofer) and he looks like a drowned rat. The humidity is awful.


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I fired up a chainsaw with Ty man in tow at 8am. Ran it until 10:30. We called it quits at 11. Not a stitch of dry cotton on us. At one point I sat down wondering if I was having a heart attack lol. The air was so thick I just couldn't breath.

Spent the rest of the day in a pool, drinking beer, and cooking crab legs with good company. Couple of pop up storms tried to ruin it but we prevailed. Driving home a little bit ago felt like flying thru a cloud. I don't think the humidity dropped below 90% up here all day. No thank u!!


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We’ve had a few storms move thru..... Fished the river this morning, saw the wall of water heading our way. Made it too the ramp and on the trailer before it hit us... Rained most of the way home then about a half hour after we got in the driveway....


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I have no clue what is blooming right now but I can’t hardly breath outside! Feels nice to not have the dew point crazy high though. Struggle is real this year...always something kicking my ass outdoors this year! 😂


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Lol gang bang? You sir have been over served today to come up with that. Just a southern thing with the gulf disturbances. Y’all deal w bad storms, ice storms, fucking snow and tornado. At least we know it’s coming and have some time to prepare.

I’m much better off where I am now instead of where we used to and have to deal with boats, traps and everything under your house “yes our houses were raised.

Now I’m 20 miles inland and have a 25k generator and 500 gallons of propane in the ground.
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