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Reports from this weekend...


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I made it out to a few different lakes this weekend in Medina County so I figured I'd post up my results.

Saturday - Jan 8, 2011
Chippewa Lake
Ice thickness: 7-8" clear, 1" white on top
Water clarity: ~24" visibility
Fished from 8 a.m. to almost 2 p.m... bounced around to a couple different spots. I found the most fish in the deepest hole of the lake (26 fow). Caught about a dozen yellow perch but they were all less than 6" long. Lure of choice was a #12 gill pill tipped with a minnow head.

Saturday - Jan 8, 2011
Hubbard Valley Park
Ice thickness: 6" clear, 1" white on top
Water clarity: ~18" visibility
Fished from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m... tried a couple spots near the SW end of the lake. Fished anything from 4 fow to 8 fow and results were pretty poor. I only saw a few small crappies (probably less than 4" long) on the camera and nothing wanted to bite. I tried several small jigs and spoons tipped with waxies, but didn't have any minnows.

Sunday - Jan 9, 2011
River Styx Park
Ice thickness: 4.5" clear, 1.5" white on top
Water clarity: ~6 ft visibility
Fished from around noon to 2:30 p.m. in about 9 fow near the south end of the lake. Visibility was great for the underwater camera. The fish were active the first hour I was there, but unfortunately I didn't figure out how to get them to bite until the end. I had several small bass, bluegill, and rainbow trout swim up to the bait and turn away. I finally figured out that they wanted the jig bounced in the mud bottom... once I started doing that, I immediately caught two small largemouths. Then the bite shut off and I didn't see a fish on the camera for the last 45 minutes. I think this could be a decent place to fish... especially if it's hit at the right time, instead of the middle of the day like I fished it.