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  1. at1010

    great weekend at farm-

    For my Uncle. Since I am living in Texas now, we will not be hunting are farm as much as years passed. My uncle this weekend checked all the cams, and foodplots. Well all the plots look pretty good, and the doe numbers seem WAY higher then ever before, getting pics of 5 does in a picture...
  2. 5Cent

    Bowling Green - NTPC this weekend

    Anyone else going to be there? Will be there tomm around 3-Sunday......FULLLLL PULLLLLL:pickle:
  3. "J"

    My weekend on the Ohio

    Well spent both Saturday and Sunday on the mighty Ohio..... I've got a tournament next Saturday on the Cumberland pool up here and wanted to hit a lot of areas I haven't fished since this time last year.... My buddy Shawn went with his boat and I with mine too hit more spots and some of the same...
  4. "J"

    My Sons Weekend

    While I was down on the Ohio River doing 70 mph racing too my spots my son was down at Charlotte motor speedway enjoying the Richard Petty racing adventure lol.... Seems they periodically have weekends where they'll have Military appreciation and have slots for the GI's too come out and enjoy...
  5. at1010

    Weekend work

    Well boys I got a lot done this weekend. I got two platform stands put together. I also got wood cut and split. I then hung 4 cameras and sprayed all my plots for fall planting in a few weeks! I'm pumped boys!!
  6. Monster Raxx

    Monster Raxx Staff Weekend

    This is the annual Monster Raxx staff weekend. I look forward to this more than most weekends that don't involve hunting. I should have some good pics to share, we have 35 pounds of prime rib that is getting cooked over a wood fire again, 13 pounds of pork, 4 turkey breasts and more beer than I...
  7. finelyshedded

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks TOO ALL of our men and women who have given their lives fighting for our freedoms and liberties. God Bless those who have served our country....Thank You! Everyone have a safe and blessed weekend as well.
  8. M

    Lima gunshow this weekend

    I'll be setup at the Lima gunshow this weekend. If any TOO members are there stop and say hi. I'm right across the aisle from the Gunshow president. It's the last show until October. Of course I will be setup in the same building during the Coondog trails on Labor Day weekend. Frank
  9. Ohiosam

    Bonus weekend

    Nearly 30 state lawmakers today signed a letter opposing shortening Ohio's deer hunting season proposed by the state Division of Wildlife. The lawmakers – 11 senators and 18 House members, mostly Republicans – questioned the basis for rule changes that would eliminate the statewide two-day...
  10. M

    DEAL Lima Oh Labor Day weekend

    Just a heads up to Mossberg collectors. I will have about 50 early Mossberg rifles laying on the table for sale this weekend. I feel priced at to sell prices. Plus a few other rifles and pistols. Plus a Suhl 150-1 Standard target rifle and a rare post war CZ auto shotgun. I will be in the SE...
  11. Longdraw

    Blind Drawings This Weekend Anyone Going

    Well a group of 5 of us are heading down TOO Buckeye Ocean hoping we can get a blind again,,I hope the same spot!!!!!!!! and get lucky enough TOO draw a second spot
  12. hickslawns

    Who is going to Willshire next weekend?

    We are heading to Willshire Thursday to setup. We will be there the entire weekend selling tree stands and ground blinds. Probably have a small assortment of firearms for sale as well. Anyone else heading that direction? This is an annual event at the Willshire Sportsman's Club. I believe...
  13. E

    Weekend Walleye Report

    Walleye fishing is still very good in the western basin. Saturday, we started off casting north of b can and only pulled a couple of keepers after about an hour. The decision was made to start trolling, so I set the dipseys and started getting the boards in the water and both dipseys went off...
  14. Schu72

    Weekend Cookout

    Thought I'd share a few pics of the cookout set-up. Every Fourth of July something gets cooked on the spit. This year was a pig stuffed with onions, apples, and sausage. The smoker was also in action with beer can chicken. Always good eats at the in-laws picnics.
  15. Mike

    Weekend Euro for my buddy

    I agreed to do my buddies Euro mount for him. I started yesterday and finished it up today. I made the display out of driftwood. It's his first Ohio deer and I was happy to do it for him even if I did blow brains all over myself with the pressure washer.:smiley_depressive:
  16. Bowhunter57

    3D shoots this weekend & next

    Allen County Archers are having their first shoot of the year, this coming weekend. I can't find an online schedule for this club, but the last that I heard they're still having shoots on the first full weekend of the month...Saturday and Sunday. Leipsic Hunting & Fishing Assoc. will be...
  17. C

    This past weekend

    Didn't murder em but managed to scratch 6 each day. Seeing lots of birds but they sure are wary now and seem to have their flight plans established . Managed to shoot my first ever redheads Saturday along with a nice pintail and a greenhead. Sunday was 3 mallards aw mallard black hybrid and 2...
  18. saddlepants

    Extra weekend Day ONe!

    Im starting this thread early as Im going out in the am 27 degrees. Giving it another shot, need the meat now more than ever. Since all bow I sat in the blind and the deer were over the river. Then all of gun I sat over the river and the deer were all by the blind...Im going to the blind with...
  19. Big H

    Youth this weekend?

    Anyone else taking any kids out? I will be taking two of my daughters with me to our cabin. My 15 year old has been hunting with me the last two weekends with a crossbow. She killed her first buck at age 12. I am hoping to get my 12 year old her first this weekend.
  20. Fluteman

    Got me pumped for the weekend hunt!

    Made a move with a cam last Thursday to try and get a better idea of where Big E is hanging out. Decided to check three cams tonight so I could get a gameplan going for my eight day hunt starting Friday. I finally got good video of him after he skirted several of my cameras making breif...