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Ruger American .450 Bushmaster


Dustin’s FORMER fishing coach
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Columbiana County
Well finally got around to shooting the new deer gun, started at 25 just to make sure I was on paper 😂
Made a few minor adjustments and took it too 100 yards.
Few minor adjustments and then out too 200 yards. I’ll need a little work there 😂😂😂
All in all I’m happy with the gun so far. Recoils about that of a 3” 20 ga turkey load 😂
I used a 1” dot for the 25 and 100 and should of used a 2” one for the 200 yard target but that’s for another day.
My brother bought the same gun and he wants to get together and shoot his as well. So while he’s zeroing his in I’ll work on my 200 yards zero.....

The first picture is the 25 yard target. I bore sighted it the old fashioned way 😂 sobdidnt want to start at 50 or 100.

Second picture is 100 yards, 2 adjustments and the 3rd shot was were I wanted it to see what I had @200 yards.
A little over corrected and brought it back on the 4 shot. First shot threw me for a loop 😂 didn’t think it’d of been that high, but 16 clicks down got my height I wanted.
First and 3rd round felt good but I knew I threw the 2nd round as soon as it went off.
Like I said I need a little work on this distance and will get it a little closer and see what it does to the 100 zero.


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Looking good J.... Best of luck with the new gun.. Hope you kill a booner with it.. Maybe you'll get an invite to try it out in Stark County... I SAID MAYBE....
Here it is.

Lacking a rim, shoulder or belt on which to headspace, the case must headspace on its mouth, like a typical autoloading pistol cartridge (.45 ACP, etc.). This prevents the use of a roll crimp, as used by most big bore rifle cartridges, to keep the bullet in place during recoil.

Hornady warns:

"It is important NOT to use a heavy roll crimp when loading bullets with cannelures, like the 240 and 300 grain XTP-MAG. Using too much roll crimp can allow the cartridge to travel too far into the chamber and not fire, or worse yet fire with too much headspace, which can create an unsafe condition."

This is a warning from the people who developed the cartridge, so take it to heart. As you can see, the limitations inherent in the AR-15 action necessarily resulted in a compromised cartridge design. The rebated rim, short case length, .452 inch (handgun) bullet diameter, poor bullet sectional density (SD), lack of a roll crimp and headspacing on the case mouth are all inherent design limitations that degrade the cartridges reliability, performance and (potentially) safety.