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Ruger American .450 Bushmaster

I wish. I was here more in this forum. I use more Jeep Wrangler forum but today I said let me check this page. And seems I meet a nice guy helping me thanks for al ur advice u make it clear u made my day.

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Glad I could help in a small way... There’s lots of folks on this site that do the same on a daily basis... And you’re welcome....
Hey J I got it. I like just Need some time to go try it and zero it listen did u try the steel blue magazine for it .I am trying to find one to order it. But most of them say polymer does any one have a serial number for steel magazine is it 90633 #

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Haven’t picked up another mag, yet. That’s on the list for sure as I always like to have a loaded backup just in case. Did the same for the savage 220 I toted for 5 years...
When I do get one I will look at the steel version...
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