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Sgt Fury’s 2022 Ohio/NJ seasons


Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

Went fishing for white perch today after spending yesterday catching some grass shrimp and minnows for bait. Fishing was awesome…doubles more so than not. Got my personal best at 14” and 1 pound 8 ounces. Also caught some eels and catfish. The hammer in the background was for pounding in the rod holders…not for fending off unwanted advances from the ladies.😂
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This is how my 2022 season is starting. I found my neighbor had placed a double ladder stand 20 yards from my property line, facing my land and shooting lanes cut out to my property. Just spent the last two days marking the property line, putting in posts, putting up a fence and lots of no trespassing signs. I will finish Placing metal ties on the posts tomorrow. They can still shoot a deer over the fence but will have to walk to the back of the fence to come onto my property to recover the deer…and there are now five cameras (including 2 cellular) all covering that area and each other. I’m friends with the warden and he’s already been advised that I may be contacting him with pics of trespassers this upcoming season. There are certain violations in NJ that if you get two within a ten year period, you’ll lose your license for lifetime….trespassing is one of those violations. And to think I gave him a deer last December and helped him this past fall putting up a fence for his goats and sheep. No good deed goes unpunished.😡
Might want to plant some fast growth shrubbery on your property

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

After sitting Monday and seeing 6 jakes, then sitting yesterday and seeing 10 hens, I noticed that the hens I was seeing were pretty quiet. A lot of gobbling but not alot of yelping. It got me thinking that maybe with all of the coyotes around, that maybe frequent calling was not what the Tom’s were used to, maybe it was even keeping them from coming in. So today, I vowed to let the turkeys be turkeys and not to call. I was pretty sure I was where they wanted to be as I had lots of trail cam pics. So this morning I put out my two hen decoys and settled into the blind.
As soon as it got light enough to see, the Tom’s started gobbling from the roost behind me about 150 yards…the same as they’ve done the two days prior. I resisted the urge to call. After they flew down, the gobbling continued but today I could tell they were closer to me then the previous two days. Then I heard it! A hen yelping behind me and to my left about 40 yards away. It was so loud and frequent that I was thinking another hunter was trespassing on my property. I struggled to get a glimpse and finally picked up movement. It was an actual he making all of that ruckus. The Tom started to drift back the way he came. He had closed the distance to under 100 yards but I could tell he was getting farther from me. I didn’t want to blow it by doing nothing so I decided to call to him as I had nothing to lose. When I called, the hen responded. I called again and as she started to reply, I cut her off and talked over her. That did it! She came straight to my blind. I could hear her mere feet away MF’in me. Then she saw the decoys in the field and went straight to them.
She was non stop calling and the Tom was definitely coming. She did everything right…she walked to the decoys, then past them, continuing away from the Tom but calling non stop. That’s when I heard the spitting! He was about ten feet from my blind to my left. After a minute, I could just see the top of his fan. He was there for around 5-6 minutes but it seemed like an hour. My mouth was dry and I could feel my heart beating in my throat. At this point all I could see was the top of his fan and his head. I thought at a distance of less than 3 yards, he MUST be able to see my eyes (they were no doubt the size of baseballs) even though I was wearing a head net. Then after a while, he started for the field. I could tell by the “notch” in his fan that he was a Turkey that I had on camera, and he was the biggest one I had. When he started to move, I quietly clicked off the safety and turned on the red dot. As soon as he cleared the front of the blind window, I stuck the gun out of the window and put the red dot on the spot where the neck meets the body. He was slightly quartering away and at the shot, he collapsed. I was shaking as I started putting all of my gear into my vest and carry bag. The hen actually ran a little ways then came back to him. She launched into the air and flew off when I got out of the blind. I took a few pics, checked him in, then sent out a couple of texts. I went home and butchered him up and vacuum sealed. Got the beard and spurs already drying in salt.