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Sgt Fury’s 2023 trail cam pics

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

Figured I may as well start a new 2023 thread. This guy is still letting his fowl run loose…ain’t gonna be too long before I get a pic of one being carried back to the den.😂

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

Today I carried 50 pound salt blocks for the mineral sight…placed another camera near where my blind will be placed this Sunday…swapped the sd cards in my trail cams and cleared some trees with a chain saw so that I can pull my trailer in and leave without having to back it in…will make it much easier to get my quad and mowers in there.
Also going to clear some brush from an overgrown field and reclaim it, plan on putting clover in there for the turkeys.