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Sgt Fury’s 2023 trail cam pics

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

Jakes are figuring out the pecking order.

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

I‘m a little bit concerned about this dude….getting a lot of daytime pics and have seen him in the mornings while Turkey hunting. Very unusual for a coon to be out and about during daylight…may shoot him if he comes close enough. I hope he doesn’t have rabies…with all of the fox in the area, that’s all I need is to have a shitload of rabid fox around.

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

just checked the cameras that have been soaking since May, went through over 8,000 pics and about 80% of them were red fox pics. Most were at night and moving so the picture quality wasn’t good. 3 out of ten pics of the fox were images of them carrying prey. Mostly chickens. That guy who has the free range chickens must have deep pockets!😂😂
The fox population has exploded and many pics are of very young ones.