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Mahoning Co.

If you're at all a little bit tech savvy, there is software called 'Chirp' that makes it a snap to program/load everything that I care to have configured on my Baofengs.

If by chance you have a USB cable to connect the radio to most any computer, you can easily copy/paste whatever frequencies/lists that are available online. I have all the frequencies desired, such as FM radio stations, 911 Local Dispatch, Sheriffs, Ohio State Police, EMT, Fire, Airport, NOAA along with any other different type government critical agencies that I consider relevant for such a national and/or local emergency throughout my given area.

I really like the two Baofeng radios and haven't had any issues with them thus far. I have been using them regularly ever since I've had them over the past six months. I believe they'll be truly worth their weight in gold, especially should we ever loose the internet and/or all forms of telecommunications and/or cable television. The ranges have impressed me too!

How use the chirp software:

Chirp software download - https://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/

Good luck with yours!
I ordered the cable this evening.
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DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Admittedly didn't know these types of radios even existed until a few weeks ago. One of our council members is heading up a project to install a radio and antenna at our town office for emergency situations, so that we would still have communication to our county emergency operations center. Talked with him for about an hour yesterday about the radios, their local club, etc. Pretty interesting stuff!
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