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Show us your hole in the water...


*Supporting Member*
Sunbury, OH
Thanks Fluteyflakes. Now you gave me something else to obsess about. I may end up with one. There is a few nice "demo/blem" ones on Ebay right now. Just search fishing kayaks.



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Southeast Ohio
Yeah, I've looked at some on there. The problem with the Kayaks on ebay are they really aren't much cheaper than buying one from an online dealer, and by the time you factor in shipping to a hub or paying for residential shipping, the price is more than it would be just to buy a new one outright. If you are seriously interested in kayak fishing, check out this website: http://www.kayakfishingsupplies.com/servlet/StoreFront
They have awesome reviews of the top of the line stuff, and they also have anything you could ever want or need to set up a kayak for fishing. Also, they are very reasonable on price. Probably where I will order my Kayak from...


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Central Ohio
Someday I'll have a boat that whole family can roll around the lake in, but for now this one is my multi-purpose, multi-species watercraft...

Dressed up for hunting ducks in the marshes, ponds, rivers, and small lakes...

Ready to catch a stringer of bluegills...

My dad's '69 Starcraft, weathering a storm on Golden Lake, Ontario...

View through my boat's windshield...

Can't dig up the actual pictures of my hole... I think it might have consumed those along with all of my cash flow...