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Show us your wood (pile)


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Here is the home heating thread, AKA "show us your wood".

I heat exclusively with wood heat. What you will see are piles of wood in various stages of season. Some of it is still whole log length or chunks of trees we moved with the bobcat/backhoe. Most is log lengths cut to length. Some of these are more seasoned than others. You will also see how I stack them. I throw down used pallets with T-posts on the ends to keep the pile from blowing out. I then stack with the most seasoned (ready to burn) on the right and work my way to the left. What is not used this year will still be on the left, and we will work left to right next year. There is a gap in this pile because the absolute most seasoned wood is to the far right (closest to the barn) and this is for my Dad. His wood burner is in the house and he needs it to be as dry as possible. We both currently have about as much wood at our houses where we load the wood as what you see stacked. This will be really close to getting me through the year. He still uses his gas furnace as well, so he will have plenty as well. I anticipate having most everything farthest away from the barn split and stacked by the end of the winter. Next summer I will start working on the piles up by the barn. Just for reference this is an S-220 which is the same frame as the S-250/S-300 Bobcats and the barn is 30x50'. Pretty decent pile of wood waiting to be split. Truthfully an eyesore and motivation to get it cleaned up. Enjoy my wood! Phil


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I have 3-4 cords in the basement
3 or so in a pile behind the house
And 15+ in the barn

Last fall my father and I had all the larger White Ash trees cut in our woods that had sale able logs
So we cut up all the tops and when a neibor found out my brother and I burned wood
He droped off load after load of white ash and oak from a waterline project he was doing

The droped off wood just had to be split

So I have a mound 15' high , 30' wide and 75' long in the barn that needs to be stacked

As I burn 2 - 3 cords a winter and my brother burns 1+ , we are set for a few years

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We don't burn wood for heat. Lost a big ole tree in May though, old poplar. And three or four apples I think it was. This is just from the apples, we had yet to cut up the big one. Between these two trees, one layer thick, up to my chest (5 feet).


Considering that we burn about 10 pieces of wood in the backyard for summer campfires, it will last us awhile!
Dang man I wish I could get by on 2-3 chords. I figure I burnt 9 last winter and am right on track to do the same this year.

Well first live in a smaller house LOL lol

Also it is well insulated

I have a propane furnace also
But the piloit light isn't even lit
I use up a 500 gallon tank of propane every 4 - 6 years

My brother only uses wood to heat his downstairs
He has 2 wall heaters upstairs and 1 down
But he figures he saves a lot of $$every year



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Can't believe we let this thread die. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys cutting some firewood.

Over the summer I scored 15 dump truck loads (10-11' dump beds with 4' sides) of wood. Haven't had much time to cut at it but have been wittling off a bit here and there as needed. Problem is where I have it set is too wet much of the time. I can either tend to it in mid summer when blazing hot or when the ground is firm (frozen). Today was not bad. Tomorrow and into next week will thaw it out. I moved some to where i can access it anytime. The other stuff I moved around so i can cut on it to move at a later date or I can back the UTV in there to take a bed full at a time if needed. Bobcat is too heavy to do this, but UTV can get in there if it is soft without tearing stuff up too bad. Looking forward to running the saw this weekend!


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knox county ohio
I've really got to start cutting some more soon. I usually get all mine cut spring and summer and haven't had to mess with it in the winter the last couple years. I slacked off way to much this year and don't have half what I need on the ground.