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Slick Trick? Any one?

Good morning all! I’m hoping I can get some personal experience from some of you folks. I spent this off season researching and building a better flying and penetrating arrow for my set up. I ended up going with Easton Axis Pro Grade 5mm with a 50 grain brass insert and a small 4 vane helical fletch. My plan was to build an arrow with higher KE as I’m looking at an elk hunt in a year or two. In the meantime I want to test this set up on whitetail. I decided on Slick Trick broad heads as I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. I did read and watch videos about people having flight issues but my bow (2017 Prime Centergy) is well tuned and I don’t see that being an issue. In fact I’ve already purchased a pack of Slick Trick Viper Trick and they group with my field points out to 60 yards (the furthest I’ve shot them so far). As I’m sure most of you can relate switching broadheads is quite nerve racking. I don’t have the opportunity like some to go test on other game so that I’m prepared when November comes. I was hoping I could find some individuals with first hand experience with Slick Trick heads. Specifically it would be great if it were with the Standards, Magnums, or Viper Tricks. Any info would be great.

Disclaimer: I’m not opposed to seeing some blood trails and dead animal pics! Little something to get the juices flowing....
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Slick Trick user here.... Been using them for about 5 seasons so far and love them... They have accounted for 4 Illinois bucks... I'm stating Illinois cause these are all corn and soy bean fed deer and are larger than your average deer... With that said all 4 bucks were complete pass thrus showing the great penetration of Slick Tricks... All 4 bucks died within 75-100 yds after being shot... Buck in my avatar was shot last year with one... I must say I wish they produced a better blood trail... All of these bucks were shot through the "boiler room" and I would have thought the blood trail would have been better.. But then again they dropped within sight... I'm shooting 100 grain Slick Trick magnums... Will be shooting them come Nov. As someone once told me a fixed broadhead is "ALWAYS" open for business....
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I have been using Slick Trick 125 Magnums for probably 15 years or so. I have not had a reason TOO switch, and I have shot quite a few deer in that time period and they don't go very far if you do your part. I have watched or heard the majority of them go down. I started buying them when you had to order them from the guy on Archery Talk, whenever that was.....