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Smoking Up Tomorrow


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Got an 8# pork butt all rubbed down with goodness, and going to throw a chicken or two on during the day.

Anyone bored and not working is welcome to stop by and help with the cold ones and coal tending.

Shoot me a pm if interested.

JD Boyd

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I'm gonna be makin maple syrup tomorrow. If your not gonna be working tomorrow come on over here and get a couple 5 gallon buckets and help us carry water all day.


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Woke up at 4 this morning and let the pork sit out for a few hours to get close to room temp before cooking. I started it at 6 in the oven as I was fighting with my sump pump most of the morning. Long story short, the pork has been in the smoker at 225-250 since 9:30. Getting ready to take a look at it and maybe put some foil over it. Then it's nap time for an hour or so while the wood does it's thing!


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Here's a few pics, now it's nap time.



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Getting close to dinner time Ben.

This cold ass wind coupled with not the best smoker, has made it hard to keep up my temps.

Meat temp is at 163 right now, still have a ways to go for pulled pork though.

Good thing is the beer is tasting really good!



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I smoke on the same smoker badger. A couple tips i have found that helps to hold heat.. I use a bungee to hold the lids down. Hook it on the frame then over the handle for the door, being careful not to let it touch the barrel. Anywhere you see smoke leaking from under the lid and not from the stack is a place you're also losing heat.

Use a water pan. I usually mix water, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and a couple apple slices in mine. But even if it's just water that's fine.. I like to put one in there to raise the humidity as it helps raise the heat, keep things moist, and helps the smoke penetrate the meat.

The damper over the stack on mine is never open more than 1/4 inch unless i'm getting the coals ready. All of my temp adjustments are done from the air intake in the firebox. On cold days like this, I may have it open 3/4 of the way to hold the temp.

Looks fuggin good man.. Hopefully some of that helps get the temps up better.