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Some Florida Pics


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Central Ohio
Thanks again to 1hornwilly!!!

I was in Orlando during the first week of gun season for work, and had an afternoon to go out and play. Since I don't golf I packed along the camera and wanted to get out and do something fun. With some quality guidance from TOO's own 1hornwilly, I decided to go on an airboat tour.

The pics don't do the place justice. Wish I just had more time to explore some more. Seen 2 gators on the ride, but no close enough to take any good pics. Lots of birds, and wildlife everywhere you look.

Thanks again Josh for pointing me in the right direction!!! Hopefully Next time I'm down your way we can meet up for a bit (maybe March?)

I did get to hold this youngster.... but I didn't pay to have my picture taken with him.


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Very nice pics. That cow kills me lmao.

Florida is not a week long see all that's for sure :D. I spent a week down there and still didn't get to see/do everything I wanted lol.