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strength exercises


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Crawford county
so i bought my daughter a bear apprentice for her birthday, I have drawn the weight down as far as I am comfortable and she still struggles to draw it back without assistance. she can do it if I shorten the draw length but then it is to short. any suggestions for what she can do to strengthen up her shoulder and arms. or is there some sort of adjustment I'm not seeing?
you like to catfish right , buy her a small cast net and have her help you catch bait , since i started cast netting it built my right arm and shoulder up big time, there isnt many bows i cant pull back including 200 pound crossbows with one hand, the smaller nets dont weigh much but it builds muscle throwing them


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Probably those elastic bands they use for physical therapy.

That's perfect. I had one for baseball training that I tied to a support pole in the basement. Sweet talk someone at the local physical therapy place unto cutting you off a 6' piece. The other option would be to use a bungee cord. Tie it to something that won't move, then have her practice pulling it in the same fashion/motion/stance she would with the bow.


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North Central Ohio
I might have a couple different colors of the therapy bands from my multiple trips to therapy lol. If not all I have to do is call and ask them for new ones. Like I told you this evening. Just tie a knot in one end and pull the other end through a door on the hinge side and close the door. Have her pull that back like a bow string off and on throughout the day and pretty soon she will have no problems pulling that bow back. Just make sure if she does this with one shoulder she should do the same with the other shoulder so she isn't lopsided with the muscletone:D.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
U would be suprised at what push ups will do for ya......chest,shoulders,and upper back. All which are used to pull a bow back. Pushups are also a great core work out. How old is ur girl? Then I could give age appropriate exercises


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Massillon, Ohio
Yes if she is young...no weights. Doing her body weight should be sufficeint enough. Push ups sit ups and pull ups will work wonders. Lunges, squats with her arms straight out and oarallel to the floor will be good for her legs.

She does maybe 3 -5 sets of ten to start every night you will be amazed at her strength level in a mibth or two.