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Stressless Farm Blog - Wildlife Habitat Improvements


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Keene, OH
2023 first touch chores, sometime in early March. In no particular order.

Next work touch Apr during Turkey season.

- Buy light+ accessories for dock, fix and turn on
- stock three fishing ponds, Fishbowl, Figure 8 and Crescent
- spray simazine on switchgrass, if any green spray gly w 24d
-- Pipeline, Potato, FrontPad, Backpad
- spread remaining gypsum on new dirt turned last Aug
- harrow all plots prior to frost seed
- blow leaves off turkey hunting plots and where matted
-- 2", Greenbrier, backpad, edge, bottom?
- frost seed all plots
- soil sample all plots
- razorblade Rednecks glass
- Strap for top of Pinchpoint stand
- Spoil N stand. to the North about 20°
- Move Swamp stand to create new swamp
- Front stand to better overwatch FrontPad
- look at Pine for new stand locations
- move Spoil N cam N 30' with new licking branch
- create funnel into Greenbrier 25yds
- utilization cages all plots
- put up two new wood duck houses
-- E of beaver pond and W of Fishbowl
-- new bedding in 2 houses N of BackPad
- check deep woods opening cut 18 months ago, plan on when to revisit and cut around spruce and cedar planted 9 months ago
- check spruce screen on Greenbrier
- check cypress planting on Crescent
-- order replacement trees for all - Apr delivery

Plots are doing great 👍, as Albert put up in No-till blog, the crops are growing everyday the soil temps get above 37° South facing slope plots obviously heat up and produce better in these cooler temps.
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Keene, OH
Just getting everything setup to get the Jan/Feb/Mar chores done in a week at the farm here in a bit. Gonna be busy...

Thickening 100yds around plots
Thickening around the bedding
Cut and spray invasives in bedding
Spray simazine on switchgrass areas < 2 yrs
Harrow plots
Blow leaves off some plots
Frost seeding mix and seed
Soil samples
Exclusion cages
Pulling some stands

Pine plot, my worst plot is doing well. No herbicides, no rye, just good soil via pH and NPK dialed in, mowing, and frost seeding legumes.


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Keene, OH
Spent a good week hard at it, many trials and some errors caused seemingly every task and chore to drag on and take longer than expected.

The weekend before the week in OH the Mrs and I drove up to my boys place and found us working hard trimming and grinding about 3 tons of limbs and two trees Fri and Sat.

Some tasks have priority due to the time of year, those got in front and done:

5 of 6 mineral licks in and going went kinda heavy this year and year 2 for adding dry molasses to the standard mix.

All new turned dirt from Sep last year got gypsum finally, 2450# on 4 plots. Snagged the soil samples and went with WTI - sent Fri and got them back already.


With the price of fertilizer not sure I'll be ademending in April as planned.

Had 2 duck boxes, poles, predator shield at the barn so got two more up. All 18 wood duck houses ready for occupancy.

Headed out to harrow the leaves in plots and of course a girdled tree fell into the center ...🤦 time suck..

Got it all cleaned up ..

Trying to see if I can draw turkey to this plot, had good pics last year

Got a couple other strutting plots cleaned off as well.

Hope to have three spots for the blind this year.

All the plots are looking very good with the mild winter the rye and legumes are both putting forage up whenever the soil gets a hint warmer. Utilization cages making it easy to see.


Had many issues with the cold coupled with thick simazine for on switchgrass, lost many hours fighting that but neighbor Cliff and I got it all down for premeergent weeds. Biggest issue was the in line filter on the 25gal Fimco sprayer. It never seems worth it until It works, 2y/o switchgrass is standing shoulder high.

Didn't get to the stands I wanted to get up but don't need them in until early Sep, plenty of time. Marked some trees while scouting the deep woods openings with Chris so all I need to do is put them up at this point.

Bottom line is, early March and the herd looks healthy.

And the plots are frost seeded and rolling for the '23 season.
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