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Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21


Whitetail & Coyote Hunter
Where or what's the best source to get the most information about your guys' camp? Like what's available if I have no camper. Let me know where best to start to get me situated. Tomorrow I'll start figuring out whatever is needed and make my plan so I can attend. Shoot me a pm or something. I'll read up on here more tomorrow and make whatever phone calls as needed. Appreciate the help, thanks!

I've done deer camps many, many years ago as a young teenager during the wintertime in upstate NY where I'm originally from.

Trust in the fact, this will be my very first Ohio fall deer camp, so let the joke cracking commence.

Let hear it :whistle:
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Columbiana County
J, better add some of the pumpkin donuts too. One of those with some of my raspberry habanero jam is the ticket. Right @Bigslam51 😎
Give me a list, I’ll place the order a few days prior and then pick them up the morning I leave... Head to Chads, grab the sticks and then head south...
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