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Surgery This Morning


*Supporting Member*
My wife is having her gall bladder removed this morning. If you could, send a few thoughts our way. It's a simple outpatient procedure, but it never hurts to have a few extra freinds pulling for her.

Thanks, Dale & Jolien


Staff member
Good to hear things went well. Seems like gallbladder surgery is almost as routine as it gets these days. Here's to wishing her a safe and speedy recovery!


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NE Ohio
I thought good, supportive thoughts anyway. NOTHING worst than a loved one under the knife.
Glad all is well.


The Crew
Prayers for a speedy recovery, badger.
The thing that bother me is that this has become a routine proceedure. Especially in women.
As young as she is is also a curious factor and probably diet related.
For example a lot of women that were on the Jenny Craig diet had gall bladder issues (knew a few)
It may be time to reevalute what her diet consists of, without the gall bladder, other symptoms may develope.
I'm not a Dr. but know there is always a cause and effect. Doctors have a liecence to practice medicine but don't always tell everything they know unless confronted.