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t minus 125 hours


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Thanks for the update Dante! Warned my wife there is an argument on the horizon. She looked at me puzzled. I explained, I am feeling like this is going to be the year of another taxidermist bill. Her eyes lit up quickly and there was no hesitation with "You are NOT hanging another animal head in our living room!" I hope we get to cross that bridge. Think there is enough room in my living room for two deers and my butt? I think she will mount my butt in the corner when she kicks it across the room if she comes home to find another head on the wall. hahaha I hope we get to have that argument!

Best of luck to all you guys next weekend!


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Crawford county
ooopps, my bad, must be a Lexington grad. LOL.

we'll call that a typo. I would think that 7 days times 24 hour equals 168 hours not 128

as of 6:55 this morning so know its more like 158 hours