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Team 18 - FDL


*Supporting Member*
Hey fellas, better late then never, right!

Dale checking in. I'm behind the eight ball with season, but I should be out within a week's time.
If Ya'll want to work on a team name that would be cool with me.

Good luck, and safe hunting brothers! :smiley_coolpeace:
I am here.

You guys decide on a team name I'm good with anything that doesn't have Obama in the name.

I won't be able to help the team until later in the season, Gun or MZ season.

I will most likely have trail cam pics, already do, of the deer I will probably kill.

Good luck to all, safe hunting!


Junior Member
Canton, Ohio
Good morning fellas, sorry I am just now checking in...been so stinking crazy here lately...all good though :)

Anyways, we are on the board and I put the pics over in the main contest thread. Good luck guys, can't wait to see how everyone does this season. Have fun!