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Team 18 - FDL


*Supporting Member*
Just an update for my teammates, I have been out with the recurve a few times and the gun about the same.

The first day out with my bow I flew an arrow over the back of a four point. My second adventure was at Hoytmania's place and I stuck a doe the first 20 minutes or so in the stand. Replay of the video showed her belly almost touching the ground before the arrow got to her. I knew it wasn't a lethal hit as soon as it happened. We seen deer two out of our three sits.

My gun hunt was down at Xbowguy's place. I seen quite a few deer, but never flipped the safety off. Had some close moving shots that I just didn't like.

As stated earlier, I'm hoping for something to happen this coming Saturday. Sunday I might be headed down to Mansfield for a job that is starting Monday. If I'm on nights I might get some time to hunt Sunday.