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Team #7


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Mahoning Co.
Got out for a couple hours Friday AM. Called a longbeard in from across a hollow to about 60 yards where he hung up. I was on the wrong side of a gully.

Sunday went out with a friend to about the same place. A couple of birds gobbled on the roost a few times but were silent after they flew down. About 8:30 we moved up the hollow about 3/4 of a mile and found one gobbling his head off. He was coming in when a second bird started gobbling to the west. After that the first bird's gobbles got farther away. #2 bird came up the next ridge but there is a steep ravine between us. I sneak out and a around to get above him but can't get in a good spot because of a fence and briers growing along it. I find a spot with a couple of shooting lanes and sit down and call. He came up over the edge 10 yards away and about the time I saw his beard he made me and was gone.

So I didn't kill a bird but worked some enough I feel confident I have a good chance.


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knox county ohio
i passed on a jake sunday morning, they came right to me off the roost could of been done at 6:47, im going back to that spot saturday, i think we have a good chance, it has never been turkey hunted last weekend was the first time. i think thats why the birds came in so quick.