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  1. Monster Raxx

    Team 19

    Looks like a hell of a team TOO me :) Monster Raxx Carpn Bigslam51 themedic buckstar25
  2. MQ1-Z7

    Team 7 - Seven Deadly Slingers

  3. Rutin

    Team 11

    Checking in for Team 11
  4. Alphamax10

    Team 12

    IN and extremely excited.
  5. yotehunter

    Team 10 Tag Em Nation

    I feel I'm in good company, I'm Jake I'm not making any promises but I do put about 30 hrs in a week the first few weeks of bow season. And hopefully add a few youth points as I'm trying too get my kids started. I'm very excited to get the season started, good luck.
  6. hickslawns

    Team 3

    Looking pretty even across the teams this year. Hopefully we can give them a nice challenge fellas. Great thing about this contest is you never know which team is going to win. Anybody's game at this point and I wish you all the best! If you don't know me, I am Phil and I like to eat deer...
  7. Full bore

    Team 6 - Buck DieNasty

    Hey fellas, just checking in. Lets getter done!
  8. Huckleberry Finn

    Team 13 - Passin' Thru

    aholdren, Huckleberry Finn, Buckslayer, 00buck, Boardhead -- Huckleberry Finn checking in
  9. Mike

    Team 14 - Silent but Deadly

    14 Mike 14 Beentown 14 ChuckC 14 Jackalope 14 Buckmaster
  10. huntn2

    Team 8 - Aces N Eights

    Starting the team thread for Team 8 huntn2 fineleyshedded JOHNROHIO biwieoutdoors woodyw333 huntn2 (Ryan) checking in.
  11. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 TOO Deer Contest Team Assignments

    Alright fellow TOOzers. Below are the team assignments for the 2013 – 2014 TOO Deer Hunting Competition. Please create your own team thread within the “2013/14 Ohio Deer Hunting Contest” Forum. If everyone can check-in within their respective team threads ASAP it will be appreciated. Deadline...
  12. Bowhunter57

    Team White House?

    Here's a little recap of last year's football season... * Alabama beats Arkansas. Arkansas fires their coach. * Alabama beats Tennessee. Tennessee fires their coach. * Alabama beats Auburn. Auburn fires their coach. * Alabama beats Notre Dame. The Pope resigns. I wish the White House...
  13. JD Boyd

    Team 1

    Just checking in guys. Should be fun. They still seem to be grouped up right now. Hopefully next week they will still be in groups cause from my experience they are easier to call in that way. We'll see...
  14. dante322

    team 8

    checking in guys. lets have a good season this year.
  15. lung buster

    Team 12

    Starting for the youth. Andrew is looking forward to his 2nd turkey season and hopefully tagging his 1st bird. He had a close encounter (17 yds) last year but we couldn't make it happen. I hope all youth have a safe and successful season and can't wait to see some pics!
  16. Archertl

    Team 2

  17. hickslawns

    Team 7

    Whatsup Team 7. Just checking in. Mike- Weren't we on the same team last year or was that the deer contest? Can't remember. lol Looking good from what I see. I am probably the weak link given I am in a low turkey density area. I have them hit and miss on my property. Hoping they show...
  18. aholdren

    Team #6

    Check in time my friends, looks like we have a loaded team HA HA!
  19. Buckslayer

    Team #4

    Hey, checkin in..
  20. M

    Team 10

    Hi just checking in. Good luck to all. Frank