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Team 8


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Hudson, OH
huntn2 checking in for Team 8. I will be hunting in Ashtabula, Geauga and Portage Counties. If I decide to spend more money, I may hunt NY and or PA as well.

Anyone have thoughts on a team name?



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Jackson County
Hey just checking in, will be hunting jackson county. This may be a tough year, with the weird weather we have been having. I havent heard many birds the past week, most I heard was last month. Any name will work for me.
Copy of IMG_1951 copy.jpg The Strut Stoppers have some points guys. I dropped one yesterday,I am hoping to get one with a bow now.Had my grandson out last Sat.,but we got nothing.His dad took him out on Sunday,and got nothing. I will take him out again this weekend. He is going to kill a bird.
Thanks for the kind words .Kind of wishing I would have shot the Jake with the bow.Grandson and I went out again yesterday morning,we struck out again,butt we will get him.Whats this "Old Man crap Zack???? ha-ha. Glad you had a good time hunting, Huntn2
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