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Thanksgiving 2022


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The "traditional" bird was injected with Tony Cachaeres (sp?) roasted garlic and herb and then seasoned with baking powder and a garlic butter dry rub. Its 17lbs and will be going in the oven around 8.

The spatchcock bird was seasoned with my standard poultry seasonings and heavy on herbs de provence and will be going on my grill at about 930.

At some point i will be finishing the gravy i started yesterday. Browned the necks, backbone and giblets and then pressure cooked them for an hour with roasted garlic, onion, celery and carrots in some chicken stock. Drained off the chunks and let it sit overnight to allow the fat to rise. Gonna make a roux with some Browned butter and make up the gravy.

The nontraditional dressing should be good. sweet cornbread, Italian bread and French bread cubed up and allowed to dry out. Carrots, celery, onion, roasted garlic, portabello mushrooms, and leeks chopped and cooked down in butter. Added some seasoning and cut up andouille sausage. Added eggs and mixed into the bread. Made a small ramekin of it last night and it's good. But my wife says since it's nontraditional flavors no one will eat it, screw them.


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Let’s go! Turkeys on that means I can have a beer right?


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Doing my family Thanksgiving. . . Oh wait, they didn't want one. Screw them. We will have Mom over. Wife's family is having it on Saturday, so the father in law is coming over too.

My wife is a great cook. Amazing actually. She just worked 3 12's. This is pretty ideal for small gatherings: Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving meals. Pick them up a day or two before and basically heat them is all you need to do. Bob Evans offers one too.


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Ran 4miles. About fuggin died sprinting at the end trying to beat my sandbagging daughter across the finish line. She beat me. Havnt ran since march so im glad im healthy enough to get after it if i have to. Good family time. Going to weigh in now and after the turkey carnage...have fun everyone!