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The Box Game


Staff member
Recent shows of generosity around here reminded a few of us of a game that we were involved in a few years back in another dark corner of the internet. The premise is simple and I'll put together the first box this week and we'll start this thing off in style!!!

It starts with a simple "flat rate" sized box and I'll fill it with items I have laying around I don't need. It can be hunting, fishing, outdoors related and you always want to include some funny items as well. I'll ship the box to the first person to say "I'm in." When the box arrives, you have to take a picture of the contents and post it here in this thread. Take a couple items you find useful and replace with a few items you have laying around that someone else might find useful. Then you ship them box to the next person in line (next person to post "I'm in" after you) and they repeat the routine.

I still have a few of the items I took from the box and I actually talked to someone the other day who still uses the grunt call I threw in there. It is a fun way to share the wealth and it is always good for some laughs!

So you wants to receive the first box!?! :smiley_coolpeace:


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Central Ohio
Good call Jesse! That was always a fun game. I'm in.

I still have a piece of petrified wood from the Holla that Big Holla sent me years ago!!

The biggest thing with this game is participation!!! If you say you're in, then you better be in and don't cause too long of a delay in shipping the box out to the next person in line!!


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SW Ohio
Sounds fun! I'm in......if JD gets in I want to be right after him on the list in case he throws in a small 60+" shed he wants to get rid of! Rotflmao