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The boys

I finaly got around to downloading the pic's off one of the thumb drives
Ignore the date , I screwed that up
But the time is correct , I believe
I atached the camera to the back of a Blue Bird house at the corner of the woods

Not all are showing much rack in these pics
But other pic's I hope to upload are better


BTW these pics are from 300 yds from my back door



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Central Ohio
Look forward to watchin' them grow!

That's motivation to get the camera back out. I have next weekend scheduled to get two mineral sites refreshed, so might as well take the camera along & strap it up.
Got some serious potential there

Yea , :pickle: I know :pickle:

Got to move the camera
No good pic's last week of the Boys , just doe's
They decided to stay in a CPR feild next to the creek

I saw them as I was replanting corn tonight
They were feeding right next to the feild
2 are looking NICE
And another posible shooter was behind the neibors woods as I drove down the lane to head home