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The end of my season ?


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North Central Ohio
2010 Hunting Season

I am beginning to doubt my abilities for the first time in my hunting carrier and it sucks.

To this point in the season I have put in over 80hrs on stand. I have only seen from stand one doe and her fawn on two occasions. The first encounter was opening morning and then again the same day in the evening. The fawn was to young to be without it's mother since it was still sporting a spotted coat. The second encounter was just 2 weeks later so again they got the free pass. Since mid October I haven't seen a single deer from stand even though I have moved around the property. The thing that really ticks me off is the fact this property has some great deer but I just can't get back on them since the crops have been harvested. The deer are still here but they will not move during the day unless pushed from the neighboring off limits property witch holds there bedding area. The deer only seem to move well AFTER shooting light or a few hours before shooting light.
It has been a very trying season so far with a fair share of people screwing things up on this property. The guy across the road riding his quad all over the woods(Is still doing this as of today riding past both my stands) people trespassing on the off limits property screwing with the bedding areas, running chainsaws, and squirrel hunters who spend all day shooting in the woods. I know these all effect the deer and how they move and use this property but it is very discouraging to me at this time of the season to not only have no deer tagged but to not even see deer from my stand. It makes you wonder if it is you or the deer that is a screw up lol.

I am putting in 3 more hours on stand Monday after I drop my son off at school. Those few hours will determine the rest of the season. If I don't see a deer while on stand I am pulling my stands and cams and thinking ahead to early season next year. The rest of the year will be pretty much a wash because the deer will move even less after gun season as they done last year so there isn't much point in trying a late season harvest.

So this is where my season has gone to this point and sorry for the ramble but I thought I would share it with my TOO family and hunting buddies lol.


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NE Ohio

Sounds like your having a rough year and I'm sorry to hear that. Every so often a year comes along where everything seems to just bitch slap ya down to the point you may be considering. I'm certainly not gonna give you the Vince Lombardi raa raa speech. I may remind you however how much you have done for a few others this year. :smile:

Your a good man and I'm sure this will pass.
hang in there but you should know if yer not out there hunting, you'll have to increase the turns you have to take baby sitting you know who(s)...;)


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NW Ohio
Adam- I hate to hear this. It reminds me of my season last year. The only thing I can tell you is to have perseverance. Much easier to say than do. Here is my suggestion. Leave your stands up. Pull your cameras. Take a hard look at hunting travel corridors for does. There is a chance of rut activity bringing a horny buck your way. If no luck by the end of the rut, then maybe just take a week or so off. Let things cool down and clear your head. Maybe now is the time to try some different woods or public land if you have any access to other areas close by. I think my constant time in the stand last year might have been as bad on the deer movement as the other people in there. As the weather cools down, so will some of the human intrusions. Not sure what else to tell you. I hate to see you throw in the towel. Maybe just take a timeout, regroup, and hit it with a different perspective? Good luck buddy!


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Keep your scruffy chin up buddy! That is still a promising property!

A few ideas/thoughts

1) You're burnt out. Talk to Jesse.
2) Rut is just kicking in and everything changes.
3) Don't forget Dante's success and my near attempt - there is still hope for that spot.
4) I think that like what Hicks said, it would probably do you a lot of good to hunt some more spots and look at stuff other than the same things. I'll give you a call next week as I'm planning my hunting and if you can come down to MoCo I will get you permission slips and show you some good spots. You opened your woods to me and if you're interested I'd be more than willing to do the same to you. Can't make any promises, but some places where you can hang a stand and think that you might see deer ;)
5) Think about hunting youth gun season - that's normally a great weekend for deer to run around a little bit more. Same with gun season, only less slugs (which, were you thinking about gunning it this year?)...and that property should do good for traffic. Don't forget all the reasons why that piece is safe...noisy yes, but also safe.

I'd come up with 5 more to make this a 10 step intervention, but you can do it man. It only takes 45 seconds to change your season - and there is a ton of season left!


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North Central Ohio
The other 2 properties we have permission on Dante hasn't been seeing anything at all this season but for a few trail cam pics. The last property we have was select cut for timber a year ago and the under growth is so thick you can't see anything nor walk it so that one is out as well. The public ground we found a little out of the way spot in dante went to check out this weekend and found 2 cars parked in a one car spot. Not looking very good here on the hunting front.


I will take you up on that offer when your home. I can find the deer I just can't close the deal this year to save my ass. I left the goto spots for you and Dante but as the crops came off the deer dry up even in those spots in 2 weeks of harvest. At this point I would be open for a gunner season given the lack of sightings but who knows lol.

Now that I sit here and have had more time to calm down, read and think I am willing to give next weekend as my deadline. I have one more front to try and I don't want to give up without at least trying it and giving it a chance. I will take the time I could have put in my stand tomorrow and move my stands to this area. The only drawback to this spot and the reason I have left it alone is the fact it is pushing the off limits property line. If I was to arrow one in this spot it is a very good chance it will make it back over the line to no mans land and would be unretrievable.

I am just pissed off at myself for not being on the ball and now finding myself behind it instead.


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Plenty of time left - remember this is suppose to be fun! You're burnt out dude, don't hunt for a few days and you will find yourself going crazy wondering what is happening out there...it's still in ya :)

Buy some slugs too...there aint nothing wrong with gun hunting!


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Shermans Dale, PA
Here's my suggestion.

Take it easy and take a week off. Then come back and try to enjoy what you can get for this year.

When it starts to get really cold then hang a deer feeder. The acorns and food in the field will be gone and they'll flock to it like crack addicts. Also having that feeder in the woods will make them feel secure so they'll hit it early.

Now, hang one stand over the feeder, but a couple others on trails about 50 to 100 yards back from it. If you can set it between two trails heading towards the feeder then your even better off. The purpose for setting the stands so far back is so you can catch them if the stage prior to hitting the corn.

Also, in the corn mix about 1/4 with sweet feed, but don't add to much more because you can clog the feeder.

This will work and you'll fill your tags for sure!


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1) What TF and Hicks and Steve has to say sounds like a good plan. Take some time off.
2) Quit, and I'll drive up there and kick your ass (I'll watch...I'll have to hire it done cuz I'm old and kinda tired.):smiley_armscrossed:
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Tatonka guide.
you pussy wtf...getting skunked will do 1 of 2 things make you quit or make you better hunter... you need to choose which one...being mobile helps out a ton. even try a ground blind.... you gotta get out of thinking you can set a stand and kill everything from it. not gonna happen..refine you tactics, increase your scouting and work around the problems you are experiencing. you can even pattern your retard neighbor...i know i would be cuttin firewood in slug season when he is in there for sure;) i "sat there" for way to long...you will not mess up your woods this time of year because the deer are moving....taking notes and remembering encounters with deer will make you a better hunter. now pick that wedgie out of your ass and get in the woods and figure it out.


Retired to the happy hunting grounds above.
RC your a big boy and know your mind. All I will say is once/if you quite it get easier and easire to not hunt. Trust me I know. Good luck man.


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Hang in there little Buck A RU!!! This is why it's called hunting buddy. I can't really add anything that has not all ready been said. It will get better Adam.



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SW Ohio
Hang in there Adam! It's still pretty early. I had a nice 8(120's) under my stand this morning around 9 and he was on a doe hanging behind her about 25 yds. It was a silent courtship so to speak, with no grunting or chasing. I think she is close to being bred. I passed him thinking she might bring along some more bucks with larger headgear. Well, she didn't, BUT, there is always tomorrow! My point is, success can be just around the corner and you need to just keep hunting. If you quit, failure is guaranteed but if you stick with it, at least you'll have a CHANCE of success. If you must, take a couple days off from hunting. You might be burned out abit but get back on that horse and get after it. We are entering a very good time of the rut so dust your pants off and get back on. Goodluck, it will happen for you! Just stay positive!


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RC, I've been out with my boy just about everyday and we have been having minimal sightings. If I hadn't gotten lucky early this season, I'd be pulling my hair out as well.. In fact, I did pull my hair out the last two seasons. They were very frustrating and I too was questioning my abilities.

However, one quick moment on one morning made my entire season this year. You never know when it's going to happen, but it will. Sooner or later you'll get your shot this season... make it count.


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Gods Country
All the good stuff is right around the corner my friend. You can't give up, but you can get burned out. I know because I have been there.

This always helps me. As much as I am out there to harvest a deer. My main reason for being out there is just to get away from all the chaos of life and enjoy nature the way God intended it to be enjoyed. Stick it out and you will connect my friend.


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Allen County
I've been wondering if I'm ever going to see anything except bucks. I need to fill this doe tag! I'd given some thought to tossing in the towel too, but thought about how much I love doing this bowhunting thing, so I changed locations.

Seen 3 does, first time I was there. The lead doe picked me off, but I know where she's going to be tomorrow. I know where I'm going to be tomorrow and I have a plan to cut her off and take her out.

...and if it don't work. Tough cookies...it's called hunting, not getting. Getting is at the grocery store. :smiley_deer:

Keep after it, brother! :smiley_blink:
Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Tough shit Red. :smiley_arrogant::smile: I've sat in a stand a total of about 86 hours this year. Know how many deer I've had in range? 4! And that was in one hunt in VC. Know how many zeros you have to roll to end up with 80 hours of sitting without a deer seen? Considering the average time in stand for me is about 5 hours. That's 16 times in a stand without seeing a single deer. Most of them here in Clark county on a new property.

My fault though. I'm shooting myself in the foot. I don't run cams. I want to shoot a nice one mano a mano. Just me and him.. However i'm quickly realizing my out of the box thinking in regards to stand locations is placing me out of the X for deer locations. One stand I have dumped a 50 gallon barrel of apples out three times in the past 1.5 months. The last batch i dumped the deer had them cleaned up in 2 weeks. I sat that stand this weekend expecting to slay them.. 5 hours in the morning and evening both Saturday and Sunday.. 4 hunts. 14 hours total. 0 deer seen.

If i was running a cam there i would have known the deer are eating the apples strictly at night. This would have done 2 things for me. 1 perhaps sowed me the direction of approach. And 2 allowed me to move a cam around until i located them in daylight. However my own stubbornness cost me 4 hunts and 14 hours.

So.. I have 3 cams in a shopping cart right now online.. I am quickly learning it's a numbers game. While i sit in one stand. I can have 3 cams sitting in other stands. I'm tired of hunting stands that aren't going to pay off no matter how long my ass stays in them.. Are there seer there. Yes. Shit tons of them. The answers I'm missing is what, when and where.

Take a step back man.. Look at the big picture.. Change the tactics... And come up with a new attack plan.. It is the rut.. But the season is young. we're only 1.5 months in. we still have 2.5 to go.


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North Central Ohio
Thanks for all the help and a kick in the ass fellas. I have taken the last couple days and as Milo said " Pattern the moron" I have pulled one of my hang-on stands just because it is in his main travel route and the stand is pretty well dead after the crop harvest anyway. This is the goto stand I arrowed my deer from last season and the one I wasted sooo much time in this year expecting the same results. That didn't happen this year since the only return visitors during daylight was my doe and young fawn duo. This stand site was also the site where I got the big 10pt on cam as well as almost every other buck pic I had so I thought I could get one from it. Boy was I wrong and as a result wasted a lot of good time in the wrong spot lol.

I don't expect to see a deer from my stand on every sit but, to only see the SAME 2 non-shooters in 80hrs. of seat time is crazy lol. I have talked to Jesse about the cams being great tools but man are they a pain in the ass too. You look at those pics and see the deer and expect to see those same deer from the stand. Being the first full year of running cams I learned the hardway that it isn't always the case. I figure you will only ever see a very small portion of those deer from that spot. Lesson learned :D.

I don't think I was burned out but rather I was pissed at myself for being stupid and bullheaded about hunting this season. Reflection thus far on the season has been overall a good one. I almost had Steve on his first bow kill and have given Dante new property to hunt and harvest his first ever bow kill. I Couldn't ask for anything better then that.

Me personally it comes down to being one of those seasons where you want to kick yourself in the ass for being stupid and making bonehead mistakes. I won't let that happen again.

I took a look at the property on google and have figured out a couple places to try this weekend. It is away from the 4-wheeler paths and still fairly close to the bedding area travel route. I'm not putting the cams back out for sometime now since all the gun hunters will be hitting the property looking for spots to set up camp for gun week and might 5-finger the cams so I'm going in somewhat blind.

Thanks again fellas :D.