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The New Bud Lite


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Just wanted to congratulate all the Bud light drinkers here.

Finally have a new proud face representing your favorite beer.


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Carbon, In
Real Men of Genius

Seeing that guy drink a beer like a man makes me wish I didn't give up drinking!
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I'm still at the mixed feelings. They also support NFL. When they do team cans, I don't switch. I really don't care if you are a bungholes or browns fan. Or if you like bungholes or tucking your dick. Just don't shove your way of thinking on everyone. Lots of things in life I really don't care about, like basketball. That sport sucks, I'd rather go turkey hunting. But I just stay in my lane and carry on with life. I'm also pretty sure this company is Chinese owned. Is this the line in the sand? Or did the waves was the line away?
Maybe this should be here.
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