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The rut.


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Two ole boys were standing at the truck one early November day around lunch time. Bubba said to tom. Boy them deer sure were chasing this morning. We need to get lunch then get our butts back in the stand... I agree said Tom, let's run in to town and grab a bite real quick.. So off they head into town.. As they pull up to the state route a line of cars is coming in the distance with their lights on... Punch it bubba tom says, we don't have time to wait for all those cars. bubba just sits there.. As they cars get closer bubba gets out of the truck and puts his hat over his heart... When he gets back in the truck tom says to bubba. Buddy that sure was a nice thing of you to do. Thanks for reminding me we need to take time to be reverent and its not always about us.... Bubba says.. Yeah tom your right.. Its the least I could do considering I was married to her for 30 years...