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FYI The Tool & Implement Thread


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Salesville ohio
Was the MAC comparable? When I worked in a shop in Columbus, we had both trucks show up weekly. MAC seemed comparable but a little less $$
My snap on guy gives great cash deals. Our MAC guy does not. Same comparable MAC cart is 2300. This snap on cart lists for the same price, but I paid 1200 cash for it.
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Clay Showalter

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Guilford County
Dewalt has finally released a 5 ah power stack, as good as the 1.7 ah does I am excited to see how this one goes. They were on sale from dewalt for 89.99 which about half price. They went up to 91.50 today.
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Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.
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Anybody a fan of fertilizer weed n feed? I am. I know some people hate it because they don’t wanna fuck with it. I love it, makes the yard look good, and to mow it more often. It keeps me busy. I cut my grass twice a week. Been putting out weed n feed in my yard going on 12 years. I decided to come up with an idea to do something different. I want to have stripes in my yard. So, this is what I’m going to do this weekend for diy project. As you can see in the video the guy poured in gravel rocks into the pvc, I’m gonna use concrete, instead. I have a bag of concrete in garage that I don’t even use so.
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Pretty simple DIY. Hope it works out well. I've seen guys make a bar with chains attached. I've also seen a rubber flap attached. I think this is probably the best route for a push mower though. Keep us post Chad.
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