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The Views from my stands


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I've got a ladderstand on my dad's property, about 3 acres of woods adjoining 3 neighbors with woods as well - I've got unlimited access to the two properties beside me but not the one behind me. (I can recover there but not hunt there.) My ladderstand is about 15 yds from the property line, facing parallel to the line. First pic is kinda to the right, second pic shows pretty much straight ahead, and third pic shows angle to the left, with the red line bein the fence. Have only seen does in this woods, but scrapes and rubs before. Had a doe just on the other side of the fence Sat a.m. - clear shots - she milled around for about an hour but just refused to come over to my side. Dang. Every time this year I've entered this woods I've been snorted at, which means they're there in the morning. Same thing this Sat, but I got into the stand nonetheless and saw her about 30mins after I got settled in. I'm very optimistic about getting a doe or two out of there this year.


Here a link to a video of the view from my favorite groundblind. I swear I think this blind is blessed with a "cloak of invisibility". I've seen deer on every hunt in it so far and never been busted. This is where the little 6pt buck walked up to and beside me within 4 ft.
In the video
11 seconds - this is how close that buck was
32 seconds - this is where he stopped in front of the blind and looked/sniffed at me
42 seconds - this is the uphill firing lane I had on the buck I shot
56 seconds - had a doe Saturday snort uphill from me. I was facing other direction. Did not move, then about 20 seconds later swiveled my head around real slow. She didn't see me, then walked down and stopped just on the other side of that stump. I shot right over her back and she bolted straight down the hill. That sucked.


This is another video of the groundblind, showing what it looks like from the outside