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This "Bullying" Issue


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I'm sure that by now most of you have heard of this bullying issue. It started by Ellen Degenerous doing a big boohooo on air about kids that have committed suicide because they were bullied. In most of these cases, the kids were called "fags" etc - only about half were gay (which, of course, you can decided that you are gay when you are like 13 these days).

Anyways, it has turned into this big movement, (I realize mostly among college kids) to end bullying. Not a bad thing in itself, but it's causing a bunch of people to come out of the closet and get all fired up that we need to love these gays kids. Whatever.

Here is where I think this goes too far: good ole Teddy Strickland just gave a nice cable-tv, 3 hot meals a day life to a 33 year old gang banger that killed a 3 year old? Why? Because this 33 year old got picked on because he had big tits as a kid and that resulted in him having a shitty relationship with his dad, and then joining a gang. Then he got picked on in the gang and killed a THREE YEAR OLD! So he gets away with murder - literally.

This 'bullying' thing has gone far enough. Grow up. Kids get picked on. It happens. If the kid swings first, kick his ass.


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Massillon, Ohio
oh I am sooooo tired of all this boo hooo poor kids BS. Did these kids ever get whooped by their parents when they were kids? or ever get ina fight...guess what, kids get picked on in school, until you throw a beaten to someone then they stop....Nothing has changed except now kids are being raised to be sissies!!
thaats the problem these days , we cant spank our kids with out having children services called , getting my butt whooped when i was a kid was the best thing to happen , for one it taught me , hey i mouth off i got a hand coming towards my face and its gonna hurt like hell i better not do that , or if i do this and mom catchs me im getting a whooping to where i cant sit , this country has gotten weak , and fat , and lazy , we let our kids do what ever they want cause we cant deture them from doing bad things cause we might get our kids taken away , its bull shit , and ill say it on here and to any children services person , since i started giving my kid a spanking for being bad , her attitude has changed almost 360 degrees , she listens more , she is more respectful to me and others, the kids these days need that fear , with no fear they are gonna do whatever they want and fuck up there lives , you put the fear of god into a girl about having sex she wont get prego at 13 or 15


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Mahoning Co.
We just had an "issue" at our school where a kid made some threats. Anyways dad mails a letter to almost everyone in the school district making excuses for junior including that he was bullied. He however forgot that he and mom recently got divorced and mom is now living with her lesbian lover. Pretty easy to blame others for the problems that start at home.


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That is bullshit. I was a runt. Talk about getting picked on. I may be 6' tall now, but up until about my junior/senior year I was the shortest/skinniest kid out there. You know what it did for me? Made me work that much harder in sports and all aspects of life to overcome being a runt. Maybe if my parents sheltered me and didn't give me spankings when I needed them, things would have been different. I got my beatings. My kids don't get "beatings" like I did, but they get spanked at times. They have every opportunity to avoid it with verbal reprimands, warnings, other punishments, but if they are still acting up. . . whack. If these people are getting bullied for being gay, then I have a solution: Don't be a homo! I still think gay is a choice. I am sure there are a few exceptions just like there are a few albino bucks out there. However, most of this gay crap we see on tv is just showing kids they can get attention for being "different". Maybe if they were given the attention they deserve as children, they would not seek alternative lifestyles to find attention. Ellen sucks. Screw the gay, liberal media's agenda.

In regards to the no bullying movement, I don't think this is a terrible thing. However, don't do it just to protect some little homos. Maybe they wouldn't be so sissyfied if they weren't so sheltered.


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Hudson, OH
I must say I agree with all of the above....

The things that are getting me with "sissyfying" the youth is this stupid shit taking place like; no keeping score in kids sports, no all star games, blah blah blah...

What the hell is wrong with people? Why do they think every child needs pampered and needs to think they always have to win and can't lose? They are essentially removing the competitive nature and drive from the youth. Every great leader is a hell of a competitor.

It isn't a bad thing if a kid and his/her team doesn't win a particular game. It isn't a bad thing for a select few to be rewarded for working hard and out-performing others (being recognized in an all star game, etc.). Why do the liberals seem to insist on promoting mediocracy?!?!? F' that!

Thanks, I feel better...

By the way Hicks, I was much like you...smallest scrawniest kid on any field. I was told all the time, don't be dissapointed if you don't make this team, don't start for that team, etc. Just like you said, that only lit the fire. Made me work that much harder. Good old hard work goes a long way.


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NE Ohio
I agree with you guys. I'm just friggen sick and tired of the excuse bullshit. Just seeing my youngest do her last year of high school. Believe me boys. I have been everything from shocked to dumb-founded at this shit. From dumbing down of America to schools feeling we as parents have no say what they tell our children from the moment the child walks into the school...

My wife and I attended EVERY conference, were active during the kids school years and the best you can hope is to get a "heads up" on the "insane,make johnny feel good, everything is OK from sex w/ protection at any age is OK to gay/lez couple parents have same rights as man/women parents to no score games to "feel right" tests....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (breath)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fu*k me to tears.

The world is hard.
No one but family cares
Its not fair
Bad things happen to good people
Deal with it.

I am SO GLAD to get my last one the hell out of public schools.

You younger guys w/ kids; KEEP YOUR GUARD UP as they go through the schools.
I MEAN IT!! I've never told any of you wrong yet.


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I am usually not one to shy away from talking. However, I am also very tolerant of many things and will keep my mouth shut unless it is something which truly needs to be spoken. Let's just say, I can "Pick my battles". I spoke with the school for the first time this year about my 3rd grade daughter's reading assignment. At the bottom of the page it had an asterict and said (This story taken from Muslim folklore legend. . . blah blah blah.) I spoke my mind. You want my kids reading this yet we need to keep prayer and the Bible out of school? I went off. Did so in a civil way, but my point was made. Didn't serve my country and community to allow the gov't to take the majority religion out of schools but the liberal agenda religions into schools. Screw that!

No score sports? Yeah, maybe for kindergarten. However, it is important for my kids to learn to be good winners, AND good losers.

Sometimes in life, you don't win.

Nobody said life was fair.

Work hard to achieve your goals, then work a little more.

Earn it.

Get it honest.

Life sucks, then you die.

Cheaters never win.

Fight fair, win fair.

If you lose, lose giving it your all. Sometimes in life there will be somebody better. Learn to deal with it.

Shall I continue?

How about one of my favorites?

Failure is not losing. It is not trying.
It is okay to be unsuccessful as long as you gave it your all.


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I think that this issue was really solved about 50 years ago - get tough!



Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I agree with all that has been said. I too was bullied when I was younger. I was smaller than most of the kids and being a momma's boy did nothing to help me in that aspect. You know what it did for me? It made me a stronger adult. I didn't kill myself or anyone else as a result of being bullied. In fact, when I finally caught up with everyone in size, I fought back. One of the most satisfying ass kickings I've ever administered was to a childhood bully. Funny how much less of a hot shit he was when I stood 3" taller and weighed 50 pounds more. ;)

Being bullied is a part of life. Instead of teaching your kids to play the victim, teach them to fight back with wit and brainy banter. Once that fails, teach them to aim for the solar plexus with their best punch. This country is headed to hell in a hand basket. I am certain my kids will end up suspended from school if they are bullied because I'll teach 'em to kick ass and make no apologies. My parents just shielded me. I plan to teach my kids how to fight back...