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This Past Saturday On The Atlantic


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Not that I want to be, but I'm back in Ohio and back to work. I have been trying to weed through pics from our vacation to share so here's a few from the big pond.

We had a great time with family that we don't see very often and caught fish that I've never seen before. We spent our time concentrating on the catch and not picture taking so the catch pics are limited.

Our total catch was taken back to the resort and cooked up Cajun Style, and Breaded.

Heading out while my brother in law Blaine demonstrates self ball inspection

I love the blue water!

My nephew Andy, Grandma Diane, and the first mate Chris in the background with a Bonita. Chris has been in Florida for about nine months fresh from Alaska. He worked at the Taxi shop where the Mounted In Alaska show is being filmed. He was there for the pilot show and left for a girl, go figure.

My nephew Aaron on the ride in

Some of the catch, I was terrible about pics this time. Most of the fish were cleaned before I thought of the camera.



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Gotta love the boat removal!

Fish waiting on the scraps.

Passing the lobster crane tank.

Some of the first batch of Cajun, and the breaded.

Full bellies and happy campers after multiple platters!



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Great pics, man... that looks like it was a lot of fun! I've never been fishing on the ocean yet. That's pretty cool how they filet the fish right out there on the water like that.


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NE Ohio
Looks like an outstanding time!
Great Pict's. Thanks for sharing. :smiley_coolpeace:


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DAT be my nephews baby momma. I kind of figured the dark hair and boobies would catch your eye!

Dang. Taken..... And wif kids. That's like, final... lol....

Yeah... She has nice mommy parts. :smiley_baby: