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Thunderflights 2010 deer hunt


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
OK, here's the tentative plan.

I submitted for leave today, but I won't be going deer hunting until after the conference. This actually works out better because the jet lag won't be as bad.

If I leave San Diego on the night of the 18th I'll be home early on the 19th. I'll take that afternoon to get my equipment ready, buy my tag, sharpen broad heads, and maybe even shoot a few rounds.

Saturday the 19th to Monday the 21st I'll deer hunt from sun up to sun down. On the 23rd I'll leave and should be home on the 24th. That will give me three solid days of deer hunting. I considered leaving on the 24th, but then I wouldn't be home until Thanksgiving (remember I'm a day ahead of you all).

I'm kinda on the fence if this is worth it or not. If I can work the ticket so that Uncle Sam pays for all of the air travel then I'll go. If not then I'll probably pass.