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Time to vent about job outsourcing!


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NW Ohio
I have been dealing with idiots all day. I was contacted by a company called Nationwide Credit Inc about $50. Here is the series of events which have me pissed off.

1. I get message from NCI (Nationwide Credit Inc.)

2. I return call. They threaten to turn me over to credit bureau if I don't pay. Bear in mind, I do not know what the $50 is for. They inform me it is for Dominion Gas.

3. My wife contacts Dominion. We are current.

4. I contact NCI. They tell me it is for MX Energy. Although I had to ask 5-6 times because I thought he was saying Amex Energy.

5. I contact MX Energy. We are current. We have only been billed $17.80 from their company ever. This was on a variable rate and there would be no early cancellation penalties if we dropped them as the supplier. She gives me the number to MX Energy collections.

6. I contact MX Energy collections. She says there WAS an early cancellation policy which is contradictory to what the normal phone rep told me because we were on a variable rate. ??? Collections tells me to contact NCI.

7. I contact NCI. He tells me why would MX Energy tell me to contact NCI if I were not delinquent. I say "I dunno. That is what I am trying to figure out. Don't you dare dick up my credit without a valid reason."

This is where I stand. NCI is turning it back over to MX Energy because the MX Energy collections will not dispute anything as long as it is with NCI. In the end, it is $50. I have wasted hours of my time dealing with this over ??? Nobody can tell me.

Ultimately, I have dealt with way too many foreigners that I can barely understand at the NCI company today and I am ready to tell them to stick to raising camels. You wonder why our country is having problems? Why is it jobs such as this are outsourced only to be sent back to the main company so someone can get an answer? Keep in mind, this guy from NCI is trying to tell me the account was from 2005-2007. We have been burning firewood the last three years. If I owed money, why wasn't this presented to me in. . . oh say maybe 2007? 2008? 2009? Sounds like a scam to me. Funny thing is they had account numbers. I did not give them any information other than a phone number and address. NCI actually gave me the account number for MX Energy so I could find out what the heck they were talking about. What a pain in the butt, waste of time, which is taking jobs away from Americans! Probably some computer glitch or something ridiculous anyway if there even is an issue. Wake up America! Keep the crap on our soil and we won't have as many issues like this!

You can call me names, beat me down, and do what you want, but don't mess with my credit!

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I feel your pain Phil, just in a totally different way. They outsources our 1st level helpdesk from MI to India two years ago, lost a lot of colleagues in the transition. Our policy states that users have to contact 1st level before I can assist them. So after they wait on hold, can't understand them, and ultimately get passed on to me in the end anyway... I get to deal with a shitload of pissed of customer's.

I think it is bull that they are just now bringing this up. Have you had a credit report ran since then? Did it show up as 30+ or 60+ days delinquent on the credit report?

Huckleberry Finn

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Call about building permits in Miami, Florida for a week. After you've talked to half of Little Cuba, you'll know how I've felt at work the last coupla weeks!


Here's a remedy for ya Phil. Pick up the phone and call Cabela's. An American WILL PICK UP YOUR CALL. Order something, and ship it to me. You'll get great customer service over the phone AND you'll feel good because you gave someone something!


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NW Ohio
Thanks for the suggestion Huck. I might do that. I will have to have them ship it to my house first though since I don't have your address. It might be the fleece you NEVER get back! lol

My B-I-Law deals with it at P&G. They try to extend across the international borders. Huge company so I can appreciate this somewhat. They are global. Says they bring in teams of engineers from India. These guys are supposed to be saving the company money in addition to whatever other benefits they get from hiring foreigners. Bro-inlaw says the US engineers end up babysitting them which takes them off their projects. Once "completed", the Indian engineer team will hand over their project. Problem is they don't think far enough ahead and always miss something. American engineers always end up fixing it and it costs more than if they just had the American engineering teams do it the first time. By babysitting them they eliminate some of the screw ups, but then it is adding personnel to the indian team and additional dollars. He claims they are stubborn and hard to work with and rarely take the advice of the American engineers anyway. In the end, the American engineer teams have to fix the flaws in the design anyway. Seems ridiculous to me, but this is the way a lot of big corporations operate. The problem is what is "cutting edge" in their engineering technology has already been tried in the states or in Germany and we have moved onto some better ways of doing things. The other problems they run into is the materials they use. They try to use the cheapest materials available and when they do get something right it is either higher maintenance or it simply doesn't last as long. Seems many of these attempts the American companies try to implement to save money always end up costing them more money. I give up.

Drake- I haven't run a credit check. Just found out today when I called them back. The guy claims if it shows up on my credit report they will issue an explanation of what happened and it should not be reflected in my credit. I dunno. I think it is just a computer glitch or maybe this is a scam. I am leaning towards glitch.


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Dang that's fugged up Phil! Like Drake said earlier, Why are they just now looking for the 50 instead of 3 to 4 years ago. Something doesn't feel right about this! Possible scam!?!


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That's some crazy shit dude! Sounds like my dealings with Dish. I finally discovered that calling when India is asleep, boosts my chances of talking to John in Colorado. Amazing how much shit me and John can get done in one phone call. Then I can't accomplish dick with the seven Jihads I talk to. It's as frusting as herding cats!!!


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Crawford county
Here's one for ya...
The other Day I saw a story on tv about computer chips used for guidance systems on us missles that were made in china. The story says that they had a backdoor programed in that would allow the chip to be deactivated remotely... by the chinese.
this country has already sold its working class out, now we are trusting our national security to a country that would like nothing more than to see us laying in the dirt with a busted bloody face? can you imagine it? China decides they want to be the badasses on the block, they get bowed up and start some shit. we fire a few missles their way and they hit a couple keys on a keyboard and the missles drop to the ground, or even worse, turn around and go back to where they came.
Wonder how much some senator pocketed with that little deal?

I personaly am getting more and more fed up with the way things are going, outsourcing is one problem of many in this country. how bout the welfare, social security, medicare mess our leaders have made for us? I got an email the other day about a bill HR4646 that some senator is trying to piggy back into law that says the gov. will be able to take a 1% tax on any bank transaction. you paycheck gets deposited, they get a percent of it. you buy groceries, 1%. get some gas, 1%. go to a movie, 1%. any time you take money out or put money into you bank, 1% goes to the gov.

I know, I know... if you dont like it here go somewhere else... problem is before long I dont think any of us will have a choice anymore.


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NW Ohio
You are right Dante. I just touched on one of the many problem we are dealing with. What we lose in quality by outsourcing ends up costing us more than if we just kept it in the states in the first place. Unfortunately, the outsourcing is tied into so many other things. NAFTA sure didn't help. Ultimately though, it ends up being the fact that our government taxes the big corporations so hard. I know everyone loves to hate the big businesses making big money. The reality though is they can make more money by taking our jobs overseas due to how much it saves them on taxes and costs. I can't blame them. Their goal is to maximize profit. Our government is making it difficult for them to do so. The thing people don't always see is the big picture. Sure the big corporations are making big money. They also are hiring many Americans which are contributing to taxes and the corporations have to match some of these taxes. The money in the hands of the US employees does make it's way back into the economy. We are all connected whether you love or hate big corporations. They are needed.