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Tokyo Olympics


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Say it aint so...who could that of been?

Plus those Miller Lite cousin fuggers ran out and were shotgunning the good shit.
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NW Ohio
Watching the 4x100 men's relay fail to make the finals? Carl Lewis stated something along the lines of "it's an embarrassment."

Women soccer struggling to beat Australia for third?

Undefeated (this season) men's 110 hurdler crumbled under pressure.(if you consider second place on the world's stage crumbling.)

How about the Ohio female pole vaulter who took gold?

Women's wrestler took gold?

Shot and discus we have done well.

They don't want to highlight the feel good stories. They are showcasing our disappointments. Haven't heard as much about women's gymnastics since the Simone Biles deal. Yet. . .they are doing well.

Where is the interview with the gold winning female wrestler? Didn't make prime news. In summary: she said she fricking loves this country and it is the best country in the world.

My point: even feel good stories are being overshadowed by our media. Why the agenda?

In all fairness, this is my opinion based on what I've seen. I haven't watched all of it. Maybe I'm just being negative and not hearing the good stuff? I dunno.