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Drove up to Meyer Hatchery today and bought some stuff. Had an interesting customer service experience with them on the phone which I will call a net neutral but still leaves a slightly bad taste in my mouth. Ended up driving to Rural King and picked up 12 meat chickens and 8 guinea fowl. They are all currently occupying a dog kennel. Heated brooder plate on order from amazon. Gonna have to build a chicken tractor in the next few weeks. The guineas are for my mother in law (all the birds are going to the farm) and she just wants them basically released to free range.

Gonna build a tractor and put in pvc feeder and waterer so I don't have to go in it more than necessary. Now sure how long it'll take me to butcher and process 12 birds but I'm gonna find out.

I am thinking about naming them all "chicken nugget" or "nugget" for short. LOL.