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brock ratcliff

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Meet Poncho and Lefty. Heritage breed bronze breasted turkeys.

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Mason has raised several turkeys. The last one, Ted, just passed away. He was a bronze too, and I swear he weighed every bit of 50lbs He was a fun bird. Easy to make gobble. He followed Mason all over the yard. When he would go inside, Ted would stand at the back door waiting on him, crapping all over. Lol. I’ll miss Ted.


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I'm hoping one of these will make a good guardian for the rest of the fowl I have running around. Plus, I'll enjoy the gobbling. 😂
If you enjoy shit that make a racket at the ass crack of dawn you should go all out and get some peacocks. I hear fluteman may know a breeder. :ROFLMAO:


Ragin Cajun.
I want some peacocks. I love the noise they make. My only problem is my neighbors probably won’t and they like to roost high. Ive been told they will roost on the peak of your house. I have a white metal roof. Where they roost, they shit and I ain’t dealing w that.
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