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Lost two ducks in the barn last night. Bums me out and pisses me off at the same time. The whole bottom half was stripped on the one, the other had its asshole eaten out. I assume it's a possum, but am a little surprised it made it into the pen. I'll be on the war path for a few days.
Hate to hear, but it happens unfortunately. Bit don't get mad, get even.


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That was short lived. Lost another last night, this one was eaten more. Traps weren't touched and I can't see any tracks near the in/out hole, so it got in some other way. After I took inventory of how it got in, I wonder about a weasel. Except I never see them and I'm highly suspect, but a coon or possum doesn't make much sense now. I'll reassess this evening and cross my fingers again.
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Sounds like a weasel or a mink. Likely a weasel. Suckers are tiny so they can get in and out through areas you'd least expect. I'd move the ducks to another spot temporarily and set some bait with a trailcam to see what you're dealing with.
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