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FOR SALE troy built zero turn

has few minor problems , carberator needs worked on and adjustment cable broke , but she does run and mow very well none the less \

asking 500 dollars , and it has low hours , 50 inch cut, 23 horsepower v twin motor



it does need washed off i was using to to blow leaves
milo its a lil over 3 years old , we baught it to mow a curch yard and post office yard during summers

not sure whats its gonna cost to fix , i kniw the cable is less then 20 bucks , but i havent figured out whats wrong with the carberator , i have to have the the choke pulled 3/4 of the way for it to run and idle right


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NW Ohio
Well crap. Mapquest shows near to 4hr drive. If it weren't for that, i would be looking you up. Not worth an 8hr round trip. Looks like it will make someone a nice mower though. Good luck!