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Truck tires


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I was wrong. I went in for the Hankook tires. They own the Pathfinder line. I could see almost no difference between them and Hankook so I went with the Pathfinders. Having them rotated as I sit here. 12,000 miles on tires. Fronts are 10/32 depth. Rears are 11/32 which shows as virtually zero wear. Not bad. Even wear across the tread.
What do you think the tread depth was brand new?


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I wasnt too impressed with my hankook atms I ran for a few years. My dad also had them and he absolutely hated em. Seemed pretty pricey for what you got.


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What do you think the tread depth was brand new?
Maybe the long tread life warranty is the reason some people don't like them? Wear longer generally equates to a harder compound tire? Makes it good for me to use as a car around town with the occasional pull off side of the road in the mud or park along a ditch. Not so good if you genuinely need to get off road at times? I don't know Steve. I'm speculating. That is my logical thought process. Maybe someone else can elaborate on their experience. For the price and how I use this Tacoma they have been great.
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I have bfg km3 on my tacoma. They see mud and or snow multiple times a week year round. I have put 10k miles on them in the year i have be running them and only 1/32 of wear. I did lose about one mpg with the km3's.

My wife's 4runner has 33 inch bfg ko2's on it. They are better in ice than the km3's but not as good in the mud or sand. Cant tell any wear on them and they have 4k miles on them.
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