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tuff plug


The Crew
Don't know how many of you guys have an F150 with a Triton engine in it, but they are the worst for changing plugs.
I had a miss in my 5.4 and #4 plug was found not firing. Had to get a new coil and plug because I did not want to revisit that plug again. The coil was bad.
Had to remove the wiring box over the passenger side of the motor for easier access (which still wasn't an easy reach). The motor ran fine after putting it all back together but I am going to change the rest of the plugs when I get over being sore from all the stretching and stuff. Hate getting old / lol

Didn't have to remove the fuel rail like some people say.:pickle:


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Massillon, Ohio
yea changing those plugs was/is a pain. especially if you break the porcelain. I was lucky to not have to worry about that when i id mine. they came out smooth. One thing to look for is the timing belt tensioner around 80-90K miles....


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Try changing them on a 2001 z28.. The front 3 on each side are done in about and hour.. The back 2 will take 2-3 hours EACH as they're actually way back under the dash.. YEP.. You will be up to your elbow reaching back under the dash to reach the last plug.. Not to mention the extensions and knuckle busters on the ratchet. You have about enough room to squeeze your arm between the engine and the dash all the way to your elbow before barely reaching the coil pack.