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WTB Turkey/field gun (full camo) pump shotgun


Junior Member
WTB: Turkey/field gun (full camo) pump shotgun
Looking for a 12 or possibly 20 gauge turkey/field gun in full camo. I have a couple off Mossberg 500's but want one in full camo. Partial to Mossberg or 870's. Limited but realistic budget ($175-$200ish). Before I hit the gun stores I wanted to check here first. Prefer pick up closer to Central Ohio but if the offer is right....
I have a Mossberg 835 ULTI-TURK in Woodland camo..Its shoots 2 3/4,3inch,an 3 1/2 shells..The barrel is 24inch factory over-bored to 10 gauge bore dimensions TOO help in reducing recoil and producing exceptionally uniform patterns from both light and heavy shot loads.The barrel also has eight ports on each side of the barrel to direct gasses upward and outward to not only reduce felt recoil, but to minimize muzzle jump for quick second shot recovery. It comes with a ULTI-FULL Turkey choke tube,A Modified Choke tube,an a black solo pistol grip an the factory stock of course.As well as some extra 2 3/4 6shot an some 00 buckshot shells.The receiver is drilled an tapped for a scope from the factory.And it has no factory sights on it ..It does have a few minor spots of surface rust..But functions flawlessly..I live on the Licking,perry,Muskingum county border..Let me know if your interested..I will be listing it for sale with pics very soon...