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  1. O

    FOR SALE 2014 Hoyt Charger and Gamo Bull Whisper

    I have a 2014 camo Hoyt Charger 28/70 for sale. It just got new string due to me wanting a different color. The Bow is flawless. It comes with a IQ bow sight, bee stinger stabilizer, bow rattler. Asking 600 for RTH package. For the bow in factory set up Ill take 400. Thanks for looking. PM for...
  2. rgecko23

    FOR SALE Montant Ghost Camo Snow Ghost Bibs and Coat

    I will post pics up tonight, but I am wanting to sell my Snow Ghost Camo Bibs and Parka. They are size XL and are huge on me. The zipper on the right leg of the bib needs fixed, but basically brand new. I have really only wore them a couple times. The warmest and quietest stuff I own. Waterproof...
  3. Dannmann801

    Realtree Shirt Deal on Camofire

    Realtree long sleeve two pocket shirt for 8 bucks and change on Camofire this morning - 4 more hours http://www.camofire.com/
  4. jagermeister

    First bath...

    Nothing like dropping virgin camo in for it's first bath. The only thing better is it's first smoke... :smiley_bril:
  5. jagermeister

    FOR SALE Predator Camo (Fall Gray) - Fleece Jacket, Pants, & Insulated Bibs

    I bought these garments in November of 2011, so they are dang-near new. Predator is coming out with the new High Plains series jacket and pants soon, so I'm hoping to sell these to help pay for the new stuff. The jacket and pants are predator fleece, which contains a windblocker. These are...
  6. Beentown

    Predator Camo...

    I am contemplating ordering some Predator Camo from Milo @ SCO. Wanted to see if anyone else was interested so that we could order at the same time and save on shipping. Any interest?
  7. Beentown


    Going through my stuff to wash up and inventory. I have stuff that I just don't use. Anyone know of someone that could use some? I will put a list up later but I know I am going to be ordering more from SCO probably and need to move some out.
  8. dante322

    Camo moth?

    anybody know what kind of moth this is? Found it in the light fixture in the living room. He had just got in there so he was fine when I got him out. Didnt seem to mind a few photos before being placed in the clemmatis in the garden. He looks like he is wearing realtree.rotflmao you...
  9. hickslawns

    Camo Skinz

    I purchased my Panasonic video camera last year from Cambell Cameras. I bought it with the "turkey package". This package included some Camo Skinz for the camera. It took me about 9months, but I finally got around to putting the skinz on the camera last weekend prior to turkey season opening...
  10. RedCloud

    DEAL Camo Dri-Wicking shirt

    This is a Dri-Wicking T in short sleeve that is similar to under Armour material. It will have the logo as shown and nothing on the back. The price will be $25 + $5 for shipping. We will run this special for 30 days Just post up the size you want and when the sale is over I will...
  11. Bowhunter57

    Camo Rifle Project

    I had this old Marlin .22, given to me, by a relative that said he had too many guns. I didn't know there was a such thing. :smiley_confused_vra Anyway, the bluing was horrible and the wood wasn't much better. Even so, I put a Barska 3x9x40 on it and sighted it in with some Remington Golden...
  12. hickslawns

    Vertigo grey or Outfitter camo

    Help me decide. I am ordering some camo. I got a couple of gift certificates to Cabelas for Christmas and I am going to use them. I am looking for something to keep me dry, warm, and be versatile. I have the type of camo picked out already. I am looking for something to use on the ground...
  13. OhioHunter88

    Custom new Yote camo pattern

    So I was thinking of this, decided to try it on a stock that I had laying around. This is my first attempt but I think I kinda like it. I can do them in any colors but im thinking of doing some small changes, but anyway let me know what you think. Some side shots
  14. R

    Camofire deal!

    Men: Do you have performance issues? Are you finished before your lady is satisfied? Are you a finisher before your las has even started? If so, regain your confidence with Mothwing Endurance Boxers and go from being Clark Kent to Superman in the sack! On special right now at Camofire - but...
  15. jagermeister

    Cold Weather Camo

    After telling myself for the last two years that I need some good cold weather camo, I think I may finally take the plunge. Fin Feather Fur is running a 12-months same as cash deal right now and, although I do have the cash to pay in full up front, I'm thinking about taking advantage of that...
  16. ohio mossy oak

    FOR SALE REALTREE Camo package deal..Few Items With tags still on them 36$ SHIPPED

    I have set of XL Remington uninsulated bibs worn a couple times in RealTree Hardwoods(brown)..A NEW with tags XL Cotton T-shirt in the same pattern..An a new without Tags hat to match...I also have a Realtree AP camo pattern hat new with TAGS..For 36$ shipped you get the Bibs,the shirt an your...
  17. Hoytmania

    FOR SALE camo Boxers

  18. ohio mossy oak

    FOR SALE Woodland Camo Mossberg 835 Ulti-Turk 12gauage

    I have a used Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag 12gauge in woodland camo with a 24in barrel ..Its does have a few bumps an bruises but functions great..Comes with a Ulti-Full/Ulti-Turk Choke tube,Modified Choke tube,solo black pistol grip an a lock.. ASKING PRICE 225$ OR OPEN TO CASH AN TRADE OFFERS...
  19. F

    WTB Turkey/field gun (full camo) pump shotgun

    WTB: Turkey/field gun (full camo) pump shotgun Looking for a 12 or possibly 20 gauge turkey/field gun in full camo. I have a couple off Mossberg 500's but want one in full camo. Partial to Mossberg or 870's. Limited but realistic budget ($175-$200ish). Before I hit the gun stores I wanted to...
  20. D

    FOR SALE Somebody Camo Wraps for Trucks and ATVs

    For those who might be interested: Somebody launches a new brand of camo wraps for trucks, ATVs, boats, and guns called somebody. Using the most durable inks and laminates along with 3M materials, the new somebody's are the only camo vehicle graphics that come with a lifetime warranty against...