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uglykats new toys

hehehe , i got an invite from my neighbor to use her store discount at cabelas , well that just gave me an excuse to go to cabelas , like i need an excuse to go , anyway , she gets 20 percent off anything in the store bargain cave included , so me and the wife and kids went up and i made out like a bandit

but yall gotta wait till later for pics


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Ashtabula, Ohio
Damn it, I saw the title to your thread and was all pumped up, then I saw it was not in the private 21+ section. :mad:
well im tired of gragging my deer out so i baughts me a deer cart

had to have something to hang on the deer cart so i baught me a new pair of camo bibs and a jacket

then , i figured well im buying new cold weather camo so i might as well add in some new hunter orange vest and a new hoist to hang the deerz from

then i figured well i could use a new muzzleloader , so i found one i liked , light weight , balanced very well , and its perty silver too

on the way back from cabelas we stopped at treasure island flea market to see if the guy was back with the hunting stuff , he sold a good bit of it and only had a few things left , so i ended up talking him down on a trail camera he had , got a good deal i think talked him from 165 bucks down to 100 , plus i got some knives he had but dont have a pic of them

all in all it was a good weekend , next i need to get a scope for my muzzleloader , just havent decided on what kind yet , the guy at the flea market had a few guns but wouldnt sell any of the scopes off of any of them
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nope got it from walmart , i fergot to put a pic up of the scent free kit that i got from cabelas too, with the two discounts plus my points card i only spent around 150 bucks , i fergot about the gloves and boots i baught too